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I shall have the first post!

Aw, I want to see the movie again and take a close look at the credits. I really need to find out who plays that one guard but I do not remember his character's actual name since I just call him sexy guard-man . Oh well, it is quite possible that I secretly need to see the Commodore's angry sexy eyes and Johnny Depp...just in general. If I do go to see it I will be thinking happy Maren thoughts and secretly wishing they would burst out singing Seize The Day . Oh well. I hope someone else posts soon. And yay! My first community post! Go Pirates!

I think the main reason this movie did so well, besides the obvious sexy-ness of certain people, is that there has not been a pirate movie in so long, not a good one anyway. I think the last one movie I saw that was slightly pirate related was Muppet Treasure Island . Heehee I love that little movie. However, it is ironic for this story was not really a pirate movie, it was a ghost "horror" movie in a sense. Oh well. Johnny and other characters make for good eye candy, who hoh hoh hoh.
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